best bars ever!
— Anonymous

Our Story

Throughout history many of the delicious items we enjoy everyday were created/discovered by accident. Beer, bread, chocolate chip cookies, the sandwich, ice cream cones, brandy, popsicles, even champagne! The list goes on and on and on and on…..  So keeping with this time honored culinary tradition we bring you WooBar!

First stumbled upon by Pastry Chef Joe Pastry (that can’t be his real name?!?!) in 2008. While working on a cheesecake dessert for a new dessert menu Chef Joe Pastry decided to freeze his individual cheesecakes so he could slice a thin layer off the top to make a flat surface. The left-over frozen slice was given to the wait staff to eat (or if you work in the f&b industry DEVOUR! Cause we all know that’s what they do when food is present!). To Chef Joe Pastry’s surprise the following week many of the same wait staff (and line cooks, dishwashers and an the occasional visit from the GM) came to pay a visit and see if there were anymore “frozen cheesecake scraps” laying around.  That’s when Chef Joe Pastry knew he was on to something.  Using an old ice cream bar mold Chef Joe Pastry began filling and freezing cheesecake bars. And as they say the rest is history!

So by now you are probably asking yourself…. What the heck is a WooBar!? A WooBar! is a deliciously original frozen dessert treat. To be more exact it is a frozen cheesecake bar on a stick, dipped in chocolate and coated with sprinkles. WooBar! comes in rainbow sprinkle (plain/traditional), dark chocolate & red velvet. WooBar!s can be customized as well to fit your establishment or party needs.